EMDR Council of Scholars

Clinical Practice

The objective of the Clinical Practice Project of the Council of Scholars is to establish Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs) for EMDR practitioners. The overall intention of these CPGs is to inform EMDR clinicians with specific recommendations regarding effective principles and procedures for using EMDR with specific clinical problems and populations. These guidelines will be based upon a combination of research and practice-based evidence and will take into consideration the characteristics and needs of clinical populations. Currently, published research evidence for EMDR is often limited with regard to detailed and nuanced practical application recommendations. CPG recommendations will be designed to meet the informational needs of EMDR practitioners, consultants, trainers and policy makers. CPGs will be supplemented by links to resources that are vetted, curated and as up to date as possible. CPGs will be available on a web-based platform allowing for easy access and ongoing updating. The Clinical Practice Project is committed to a process of guideline development that is responsive to the needs of the broader global EMDR community, welcomes stakeholder involvement in the development of the guidelines and has editorial oversight.

  • Determine how best to facilitate the translation of EMDR research into clinical practice.
  • Disseminate information about EMDR therapy to external professional organizations.
  • Seek to broaden the use of EMDR therapy in treatment delivery.
  • Identify barriers that may inhibit the use of EMDR therapy in service delivery.
  • Collect and disseminate information regarding scaled practice and make recommendations regarding the evidence-based application for EMDR therapy.
  • Share information with the Research Working Group regarding any identified evidence gaps.
  • Articulate different ideas/plans/concepts for the development of EMDR practice over the next decade (or more).