EMDR Council of Scholars

What is EMDR

• Work within the broad EMDR community, including various stakeholders, to develop definitions of “what is EMDR”.
• Collect and consider current international definitions of EMDR therapy, and the six EMDR protocols developed by Francine Shapiro.
• Collect and consider research findings from studies examining EMDR’s mechanisms of action and studies evaluating the effects of EMDR modified procedures.
• Consider how EMDR is currently practiced by clinicians, and Luber's analyses of the 71 protocols written by different contributors for her EMDR Scripted Protocol series.
• Develop and recommend criteria for possible categories such as modification (i.e., minor adjustments, but still considered squarely within EMDR procedures); innovation (i.e., a new promising approach that fits somewhat within the EMDR “family”, but which has no research support); and deviation (i.e., an approach that may have sprung from EMDR principles or includes some EMDR component, but deviates to the extent that it is not within the EMDR "family" overall).
• Develop and recommend standards to determine what level of research evidence is needed for an “innovation” or “deviation” to be recommended or taught in EMDR trainings.
• Share information with the Research Working Group regarding any identified evidence gaps.
• Articulate different ideas/plans/concepts for the development of EMDR therapy over the next decade (or more).